SPEC would like to first extend our deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks to our amazing community for all of your concern and inquiries. 


Last night, on October 9th, we evacuated our hospital because we were concerned about the smoke affecting our patients and staff.  Because of this, we proactively moved our hospitalized pets and necessary equipment to another facility in case the fire did progress.  Thankfully, everything went very smoothly and we have had a positive outcome. 


Our plan for tonight, October 10th, is to be open and see patients.  With that said, we will be also be erring on the side of caution and will triage all pets.


For those pets that we feel are very sick or too critical (and would be more difficult to move should evacuation be needed), we will be referring to either UC Davis or Sage.    


When it comes to our staff, clients and patients, we will work to ensure they are safe and taken care of, and if we need to evacuate once again, we do have a plan in place.  While continuing to serve our community, we will be diligently monitoring the fire, and take appropriate action if needed.  Thank you again for your support and understanding.




Update 10/11/17: 

As of 3 pm, 10/11/17, the area across from SPEC is on advisory to be ready for evacuation. Strong winds are expected tonight and the risk of mandatory evacuation is significant. We have decided to close tonight for the safety of our staff and patients.  We will be forwarding all emergencies to UC Davis (530-752-1393) and SAGE (925-627-7243). They are prepared for a higher caseload and know we are closed. We will keep our community closely updated.  We hope your pets, families and friends are safe.




We have been updated by Marin Humane that because of everyone's generosity, they * NO longer need any additional blankets, food or litter. *  


However, they are in URGENT need of both VOLUNTEERS (INCLUDING FOSTERS) AND MONETARY DONATIONS to continue helping pets and their families.


If you can volunteer, please contact Marin Humane directly: 415-883-4621.


If you have funds to spare, you can donate with this link. Marin Humane is acting like a "command central" to other organizations and shelters, and will work to funnel volunteers and money donations to where it is needed most.