It is typically not financially feasible for general veterinary practices to afford the cost of staffing after-hours with skilled doctors, veterinary assistants and technicians, nor to afford the cost of certain advanced equipment necessary for quality emergency care. If a patient arrives on emergency with a serious problem, care may be required throughout a night or weekend. Your family veterinarian recognizes that it is in your pet’s best interest to utilize the advanced service available at our hospital for after-hours emergency care.

The American Animal Hospital Association has established guidelines suggesting that a patient should be referred in a timely fashion when there is:

A need for 24/7 medical supervision.

A need for additional expertise and/or advanced training.

A need for additional equipment or services.

An inconclusive diagnosis.

An unresolved/on-going or worsening medical condition.

The bottom line is that your family veterinarian referred your pet to our hospital because she or he wants the best possible outcome for your pet.